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There’s a lot of Nexus rumours floating about, and with two phones rumoured to be launching it’s no wonder. According to a new report from Korea, the LG Nexus is real and will launch in October with Android Pay, with Google partnering with LG for the launch of their payment system.

The report comes from Business Korea who spoke with an ‘Industry Watcher’. The watcher confirmed that the phone will launch in October as a 5″ device, while the Huawei Nexus will be 5.7″, information we’ve been seeing repeated from various outlets for some time.

While there will be a Huawei Nexus, it’s the LG phone which Google will use to launch Android Pay according to the Industry Watcher. On the subject of Android Pay, the Industry Watcher had this to say:

The question of whether Android Pay would succeed in the simple payment service market would depend on its ability to dominate the advanced countries’ markets in Europe and North America… this is in part why Google chose LG, given the latter’s success in these markets.

Google is expected to announce any new Nexus device, or devices in October, with availability expected in November. At Google I/O, Google staff confirmed that Android Pay would launch in the US first, before moving to any other markets – though Australia, with our proliferation of contactless payment terminals was being looked at as one of the first markets Google would investigate expanding to.

We’ll know more in the coming months, but stay tuned for more leaks as they appear.

Source: BusinessKorea.
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Hmmm, first world decision. Should I get the LG 5 or wait for the Sony Z5 that supposed to be launched in September or hold off for the LG Nexus in October? Got to love Android for their variety of quality choices.

Gray Fox

I have Nexus5(hammerhead) while I love it, wish you could have removable battery and SD card which the Z5 should offer

Iain Simmons

Z5 won’t have a removable battery, because Sony waterproofs all their flagship phones, and that gets priority over the ability to swap out the battery.

They do usually have excellent (if not some of the best) battery life though, and still go for expandable storage (SD cards).

I actually wish they just provided 32GB or 64GB of storage as a minimum instead though.


They do, at least 32gb. That’s the base storage for the Xperia Z3+

Damon Lewis

I doubt the Z5 will be available by the time the Nexus 5 (2015) is announced so you’ll have time to decide.

Iain Simmons

Yeah, why look it as fragmentation, when we have a million choices! 🙂

What things are important to you in a smartphone? I’m sure you could get some good advice here.


Thanks for the offer of help, buddy. I may get the Sony as I like it’s waterproof features and it should have a good camera almost on par as the LG G4 (I’m assuming here). The fact that it might have the 810 doesn’t bother me much, it’s still a good upgrade from my current LG Optimus G


Hopefully that doesn’t mean that the Australian launch of the LG Nexus is delayed…


“Australia, with our proliferation of contactless payment terminals was being looked at as one of the first markets Google would investigate expanding to”

Hmmm, that would make this one of the first, if not the first, times that the Australian market has been looked at for anything other than being in the last countries to receive anything, no?

Darren Ferguson

Good to hear about Australia as we are miles ahead of the US in regards to banking.

Iain Simmons

Would Android Pay be considered a competitor in that way then? e.g. I can use the CommBank app to do NFC payments right now… So is CBA going to want to play nice with Google or prefer people use their app?


No Android pay for huawei nexus phone? Google what are you thinking about?


No one said it wouldn’t have Android Pay. They are simply using the LG to actually launch it.