Samsung Australia has today announced Australian availability and pricing information for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+, only days after the launch in New York.

The handsets are both continuations of previous models, the Note 5 obviously the latest in the line of Stylus driven devices that Samsung pioneered back in 2011 with the original Note. The S6 edge+ is an updated large form factor of the S6 Edge launched at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. The Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ will be launching on all carriers in Australia and will also be available at retail and online through the Samsung website. The costs for the devices outright will be :

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB in Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum – RRP $1,099
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ 32GB in Black Sapphire and White Pearl – RRP $1,199
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ 64GB in Black Sapphire and White Pearl – RRP $1,299

Devices will be available for pre-order from 4pm today and will officially go on-sale on the 4th of September.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.53.57 am

Read all about Samsung’s Unpacked August launches from the 14th of August:

Samsung has taken pains to point out the updated wireless charging features of the Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 edge+. Both devices come with a full 3,000mAh battery which can be wirelessly charged using the Wirless PMA and Qi standards, with the addition of Fast Wireless charging allowing both phones to charge wirelessly from empty to full in 2 hours.

Both phones feature the 16MP camera that has impressed on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and with an f/1.9 aperture and Optical Image Stabilisation the camera on both phones will be hard to beat. The phones both have the quick launch feature which allows you to launch the camera by double clicking the home button and the inclusion of real-time HDR and a range of brand new filters will add some extra pop.

The Note 5 includes an improved S Pen with a clickable rear to release the stylus from its holder inside the phone and also improved Air Commands, allowing for screen capture of multi-screen into one large image. The S Pen can now also write straight onto the screen without turning the screen on, or loading an app, great for taking notes at any time. The ability to write onto PDF documents also means that signing documents without printing, then scanning will be a boon for most businesses when it comes to workflows.

The S6 edge+ has a new feature called Apps Edge which lets you quick launch apps from the edge of the curved display quickly, adding to the People Edge feature for accessing contacts quickly by the same gesture.

Samsung has also launched their YouTube live streaming app on the Note 5 and S6 edge+, allowing owners to live stream to the largest video platform in the world, where your videos can be watched live or played back at a later date.

We have a Galaxy S6 edge+ in hand and will be getting a review up as soon as possible. Let us know if you have questions in the comments below.

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    So no expandable storage and they are only letting OZ have a 32GB Note ? Wow… I had been going back and fourth over if I was going to get one , I’ve used every note since the original and the Galaxy S from the S2 as either my primary or secondary devices , but now the urge to pass on the Note 5 is getting the upper hand. I mean I can still get the 128GB S6 and S6 Edge from Telstra let alone the 64GB versions. I’ve already tried the S6 but it’s already been replaced by an… Read more »

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    Yusuf I S

    I wonder if they will be Telstra blue tick?


    Pity we dont get the titanium one, or whatever that silvery coloured model is called.

    Daniel Tyson

    They do tend to announce the different colour variations down the track, so we may still see one at some stage.


    Yeah, true, the blue (S6) and green (S6 Edge) are now available as proof of that.

    Yusuf I S

    I know. I always go for Black & need a change but cant stand white phones.

    Tony Soprano

    I don’t really blame Samsung for the lack of the 64gb option. Generally this is up to carriers to choose what stock they want in their stores. When I used to work for a telco, often Samsung phones were all restricted to 16gb models only. The only company that got all storage options was of course, Apple.


    There’s been no announcement to that effect, but it is possible we’ll see the 64GB model here at a later date, probably in Samsung’s Experience Stores and in a few other places. With the push to use cloud storage (and the various dollars changing hands behind the scenes to get those services built in to your phone), it’s entirely possible that the 64GB won’t end up here after all.

    Tony Soprano

    I’m honestly not a fan of cloud storage. Not only is it not very viable in Australia, due to internet speeds and the like, I don’t trust it to keep my data safe. Not due to privacy issues alone (although that is a reason), but I like to keep my files offline. I don’t want to stream and load anything and everything. I want to have it myself ready to go as soon as I want it. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this thought process.


    Only 32GB in Oz? hmmm so after the ROM of around 7-8 Gigs is installed, 5 gigs of Apps…couple of 10min vids, 200 snaps and some multimedia entertainment…….doesn’t leave a great deal to play with……


    Only 32GB for the Note 5; S6 Edge+ will come in 32 and 64. On the Note 5, there’s “nothing to announce” with regards to higher storage options … doesn’t mean it won’t come here, just that it isn’t yet.


    5GB of apps?!


    I have had a note 3…now a LG G3. I’m no app hoarder but checking the space taken up by apps usually sits around 5 gigs. Facebook alone is 240mb. CoPilot offline GPS takes on 500mb. It does add up. Most people probably are up around 2GB of apps….but there would be a heap of power users and gamers would have more than 5Gb of app space.


    I’m at 1GB for apps, which is higher than I expected.

    James Z

    damn i just got my s6 looks like ill hve to get the note 5 on plan


    What’s with the lack of colours Samsung Australia? That’s just disappointing……. So let’s recap, no removable battery, no sd card, and now no different colours in Oz for the Edge+ other than standard black and white???? You can slap sapphire and pearl on the end of those but in the end it’s just black and white…… Unbelievable.


    If Motorola can fit a 3,600mAh battery into a 5.5″ handset with a 1080P resolution (Moto X Play), why can’t Samsung fit a bigger battery into a 5.7″ handset with a higher resolution screen?


    Samsung have never acknowledged that battery life on their products sucks. It’s been a long term problem which they just don’t see.


    No price for a 64 GB Note 5?


    Only 32GB for Note 5 in Aus unless you go S6 Edge+.