The LG Music Flow family of speakers represents great value for money for anyone looking for some good “bang for buck” speakers, particularly if you want a speaker system for listening to your music, podcasts or any other variation of playback supported by Google Cast.

If you’ve been thinking of getting on the Music Flow bandwagon but have been put off by the price, now might be a really good time to act on that urge. The current Good Guys catalog lists the Music Flow range at some really hot prices!

The LG H3 speaker is going for $149
The LG H5 speaker is going for $229
The LG H7 speaker is going for $299

If you have a preferred retailer other than The Good Guys, keep in mind that price matching is pretty common practice in the retail game, so shop around if you’re looking for a bargain.

Are these prices hot enough to tempt you into the the LG Music Flow family?

Source: The Good Guys.
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Does anyone else have trouble with Google Play Music constantly stopping after a handful of tracks while “casting”? On my Chromecast, music from Google Play Music can never get more than a handful of tracks before I need to manually restart playback. I’m concerned this issue might rear its head with LG Flow speakers that also use ” Google Cast” functionality.


its been a while since i have cast music from Google Play, but i do recall experiencing that.