They’re coming, we know they are but the latest batch of flagships are pretty difficult to get your hands on – at least until they’re officially released – or you get your hands on an invite. If you simply can’t wait to get your hands on one of the above devices, you can head over to Yatango Shopping and get your new toys pre-ordered right now.

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When you use companies like Yatango or Expansys it is important to keep in mind that you are purchasing overseas models that may not be fully compatible with the bands you require on your carrier, so make sure you double check that before you buy – but Yatango makes that pretty easy to check in their spec listing. They are easy to deal with and it means you don’t have to wait for device release or an invite which is a definite advantage for some users.

Have your experiences with device importers been a positive or negative experience for you?

Source: Yatango Shopping.
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Alan Kerlin

I had an absolutely horrible experience with DWI. Do NOT buy anything from them. The Australian address and phone numbers are just fronts, the service agents are abysmal. I was very lucky I bought through PayPal so I could get refunded through them after months of DWI not returning calls or emails.