Intel has a press event this morning here at IFA in Berlin, what they will unveil isn’t clear, but could be a more formal public unveiling of their new Skylake series of processors.

Their new range of Skylake processors includes the U, H and S series of processors designed for everything from Notebooks and portable All-In-One’s for the U Series, through to Mobile workstations for the H series and the High-end desktop market with their S Series. We could possibly see the U or H series of processors in Chromebooks in our near future and if so the future is looking fairly bright. The Y Series, more commonly known as the Core-M previously, is aimed at Tablets, ‘Detachables’ and compute sticks and is where we will most likely see these new processors working with Android.

The Y Series is expanding with Core M3, M5 and M7 variants, adding better clock speeds based on the core, as well as different graphics performance with Intel HD 515 GPU chipsets which can scale up between 850MHz to 1GHz depending on the core. Thermal Design Power (TDP) on the new processors will be tweaked to run at 4.5W, though can drop to 3.5W when under-utilised or hit 7W when the processor is under load.

The processors will be used in tablet platforms, as well as Intel’s ‘Compute Stick’ which is a Windows running version of the Asus Chromebit announced (but not yet released) earlier this year.

The new Y Series of processors will look a little something like this :

Systems carrying the U, H and S variants of the Skylake processors will begin appearing in the 4th quarter of this year, we should begin seeing announcements of products using the Y Series Intel processors in the near future.

Source: HotHardware.