Motorola may not have a press announcement here at IFA in Berlin, but the leaks about upcoming products has ensured that they’re definitely being talked about. The Moto 360 2015 is expected to be announced next week, but it’s a rumoured ruggedised version of the Moto X which is getting the attention at the moment.

Codenamed ‘Bounce’ within Motorola, the Moto X Force is another member of the expanded 2015 Moto X line, which launched earlier this month with the Moto X ‘Style’ or ‘Pure’ if you’re in the US and the more mid-range, but power efficient Moto X Play. The handsets shows front-facing speaker and similar button setup as the current gen Moto X phones.

The ruggedised version of the Moto X Force is an addition to the Moto X line-up which will focus on ruggedisation, though whether that will be for drop protection (there is talk of a ‘shatter-proof’ screen) or water-proofing etc is unknown. The current range of Moto X handsets this year carries a maximum IP52 rating on the Moto X Style, while the Moto X Play is merely water resistant.

Spec wise, the rumours point to a QHD 2560×1440 resolution display, though shrunk to a 5.4″ size with the shatterproof technology. The phone itself will be powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 810 with 3GB of RAM. The phone will come in 32GB or 64GB storage options, though no mention of microSD card has been made and with a ruggedised phone they may cut down external ports. The Moto X Force will have the same rear 21MP camera sensor as the current Moto X models and a 5MP camera on the front. Power will be supplied by a massive 3,760mAh battery.

The current rumour for release is December, but this is rumour territory and Motorola is currently well on the way to promoting the current generation of Moto X handsets, so don’t expect any new updates in the short term officially.

Source: @upleaks.
Via: 9to5Google.
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    Droid Turbo 2 announced in the US. Looks spectacular. Here’s hoping Ausdroid can ask mates at Motorola Australia when we might see it come down under?


    Perfect. I use a ‘Unicorn Beetle’ case + tempered screen overlay on my current moto x 2014. I’ll definitely by one if it appears in oz. I guess a transflective screen is asking for too much?


    Please be true, looks perfect for me!


    Ugh. Just make this. Just sell this. The best mix of the two Moto X’s.
    December… Damnit.


    Yup agreed. If the specs stack up with could outshine the Moto X style and definitely the Moto X play.


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    Will Dutton

    that thing looks amazing for a ruggedized phone, I’d buy that just not to have to worry