Bose Soundlink Around-Ear Headphones II

If you’re an audiophile, or a regular traveler, chances are you’ve heard of Bose. They’ve been in the audio business since 1964, and their name has become synonymous with quality audio in the home, in the car and on the go. More recently, I’ve bought a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 25 (QC25) headphones for travelling, and they’re sublime; I don’t recall ever having as enjoyable and peaceful rest while travelling as when wearing the QC25s.

Anyhow, this article isn’t about those. Today, we’re looking at Bose’ new Soundlink headphones. Wireless over-ear cans are nothing new – I’ve had a Sony pair for almost three years now, and love them – but there’s a big gap in quality between different brands and models. Bose are boasting (see what I did there?) the best sound quality of any wireless headphone on the market, alongside 15 hours battery life, connectivity to two devices simultaneously, pairing via NFC, and super-easy controls. That’s quite a promise.

These cans are made for on the go enjoyment, while offering a wired-equivalent audio quality to boot. Bose’ Bernice Cramer, General Manager Bose Headphones, told Ausdroid:

We believe when you give up wires, you shouldn’t have to compromise audio performance or convenience. So, we did more than make the SoundLink II the best-sounding wireless headphones out there.  We made them the most hassle-free wireless headphones, too.  You’ll notice how great your music sounds first, and then you’ll notice that we solved all the little and big problems that no one else has.  That’s the power of great engineering — it makes the entire streaming music experience that much better.

For audio quality, Bose uses a number of proprietary technologies including active and volume optimised equalisation, so music is detailed and real at any volume. What you hear is how the artist intended, without artificial boosts. For calls, different magic is at play for the same effect; advanced microphones and audio adjustment technology mean your calls are clear, allowing you to hear the other party and them to hear you without issue, regardless of background noise or environment.

This, from wireless headphones – 15 hour battery life is on offer, and if you’re running low, just a 15 minute charge will give you another two hours of play time. Another bonus feature is multi-point connectivity; you can be paired to your tablet to watch a video, and to your mobile at the same time in case a call comes through.

We can’t wait to take a closer look at these, and we’ll hopefully have a review for you soon!

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“Bose are boasting (see what I did there?)” Bad puns just called, it asking you not to drag it’s reputation to a new low….


This Bose headset looks great. I’ve been looking for a wireless headset for a while and this could be the one. I hope they release it soon.


I hope they’ve designed it to allow you to also hear your own voice through the cans when making voice calls. Nothing’s sillier than someone with these (or noise isolating ear buds) shouting into the mic because they can’t hear themselves speak.


or maybe switch your brain on and realise that you don’t need to shout. I would rather do that than have external noise all the time just to prevent this.


That’s possible, but more often than not, it’s the other people around me who don’t realise that everyone around them can hear everything. 😛

Phill Edwards

Bose seem pretty good. I have a Blaupunkt Bluetooth speaker which is very ordinary compared to Bose’s smaller and much, much better offering that my daughter has. So I’d always be prepared to give Bose a go.


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No noise cancellation but the lack of a cord would be nice. I do however love my 25’s.

Max Luong

Noise cancellation is the work of the Devil anyway.

I’ve yet to hear a pair of noise cancelling headphones that didn’t compress the sound stage into nothingness when it’s turned on.

I’d be keen to give these a go. I’m not a fan of Bose’s bass-heavy audio signature but I’m curious to see how these sound compared to my Sennheiser MM400.


Depends on what you want them for. If you are after headphones for all the time use and you are worried about quality of audio don’t get noise cancelling. For me I like it because I use them on flights and in the office when I do want to remove the noise distracting me from work. Tony Abbott is the work of the devil, not noise cancelling.