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What’s in my bag? Phil’s daily carry in 2023

Now we're allowed out of our houses again and it's I've done a what's in my kit post, here's the update. Those of you who've read the last few will notice a couple of...

[Good Deal] Bose QC45 headphones $100 off across retail channels

When we reviewed the Bose QC45 headphones, they really impressed. The sound balance is great, the battery life impressive, comfort is off the charts and the noise cancelling competes at the top end of...
Bose Bluetooth speaker

Review: Bose Soundlink Flex

Bose is a well known name in speakers internationally and the Soundlink Flex is their latest offering in the area of portable Bluetooth speakers. Priced at $250, the unit comes with a USB C cable...

Bose QC45 users get the ability to customise the EQ

When you buy expensive equipment you -- absolutely fairly -- expect a level of continued support and upgradability. Bose has delivered exactly that on its QC45 headphones with a software upgrade allowing users to...

What’s in my bag? Phil’s 2022 gear cache

I’ve done this in the past, the last one in 2020 and have recently had a number of requests to update what I carry when I’m on the go. Typically I’ve got review...

Google shows of its vision for “better together” at CES

CES has been an interesting show this year, with notable absences and -- according to those attending -- blank spaces on the show floor. Regardless of who is there and who isn't, there...

Bose QC45 Headphone review — Everything you want, delivered in spades

When it comes to headphones, Bose is one of the names many buyers think of when it comes to quality and sound. As you would expect, the QC45 takes this reputation and continues...

Bose QC45 is the next step in noise cancelling

Bose is one of the biggest names in home and enthusiast audio hardware. In previous generations, we've seen the QC25 and QC35 and now the QC45. The upgrades that users can expect to hear...

Bose bring volume control to their industry-leading Quiet Comfort Earbuds

This year Bose did what they had previously been unable to do -- produce true wireless earbuds worthy of the Bose name. The new Quiet Comfort earbuds are the best sounding true wireless...

Bose Sport Earbuds — in-ear buds with great audio and a great fit

Earbuds and I have a funny relationship; most of them don't fit in my ear very comfortably, and those that do are usually fairly "boring". Most of the fun technology seems to end up...

Review: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, noise cancelling in an earbud like never before

A couple of years ago we tested out Bose's first attempt at true wireless earbuds and were left fair under-whelmed with their size and lack of performance. To say we expected more from...

Bose introducing high end noise cancelling earbuds, sports earbuds, sunglasses and have another go...

Australia is extremely rarely first with the offerings of new products, especially this year during COVID-19 times. Hot on the heels of overseas launches though are some new offerings from Bose which look...

Bose Headphones 700 now comes with a charging case and a new colourway

Bose is a name well recognised for high-quality hardware and exceptional sound delivery. Their headphone 700 is the latest in a long line of excellent hardware. Bose has introduced a new look...

Tunes for your social isolation? Bose Portable Home Speaker has your COVID-19 exile covered

Speakers are ... well ... speakers. Generally these days speakers come in about three broad varieties - super-smart speakers, like Sonos, which connect to cloud services, pair up in the home and do all...

Audio giant Bose closing retail stores worldwide

Leading audio industry player Bose has announced it's closing most of it's retail stores worldwide. The announcement has Bose joining a growing number of retailers closing their doors in the beginning of 2020, as...

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