This year Bose did what they had previously been unable to do — produce true wireless earbuds worthy of the Bose name. The new Quiet Comfort earbuds are the best sounding true wireless earbuds that we have ever tried with possibly the best active noise cancelling all while providing a very comfortable fit.

One gripe we had when we reviewed them was the inability to control the volume of the media from the earbuds themselves. Bose has now updated their earbuds so that volume can be adjusted using the right earbud.

To do so is fairly simple but you will need to set it up in the Bose Music app first by simply turning it on in there while the earbuds are connected to your device. Once turned on a simple swipe up or down will control the volume of the media playing through the earbuds.

The new update is now also available on the Bose Sport Earbuds which we reviewed yesterday.

Although a minor update it is a very welcome one and one you would have expected to have come out of the box on such high end earbuds. The speed with which Bose have rolled it out after launch suggests that they had it either ready or in development but didn’t quite make the cut by release date. Now that it is here though it is great update and yet another reason to check out the most excellent Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds.