When you buy expensive equipment you — absolutely fairly — expect a level of continued support and upgradability. Bose has delivered exactly that on its QC45 headphones with a software upgrade allowing users to customise the EQ.

For many, this isn’t a huge deal but for some, it’s game changing. In our review, we noted that while the sound quality is excellent, there is some imbalance in the audio at times:

In brutal honesty, there is a bit of imbalance to the sound at times particularly when it comes to bass. That’s not to say that they sound bad, far from it in fact because the quality of sound is truly excellent.

The mid-range audio is so clean, with vocals in audio really belting out clearly. Where the imbalance comes in, is the bass being a touch lacking. While this isn’t really a problem for me most days since I’m too old for “doof doof”, but I did occasionally notice it in the playback of some music genres.

This is feedback that has been consistent from reviewers and users and Bose listened. With a software update that is currently rolling out, users gain an EQ within the Bose Music app.

Developer: Bose Corporation
Price: Free

Users who have their QC45 pull double duties will be pleased to know — at least according to release notes — that pairing to a Windows machine is easier now. Given how good the headphones are, and the primary criticism from many was the lack of EQ within the Bose app, this is possibly the most attractive ANC headset on the market right now.