Bose is a name well recognised for high-quality hardware and exceptional sound delivery. Their headphone 700 is the latest in a long line of excellent hardware. Bose has introduced a new look for them with Eclipse adding to the already available colours Black, Luxe Silver, and Soapstone.

They have also taken a further step with the additional functionality added of a charging case to keep your tunes pumping for longer.

Never again will you sit down on the train or at the coffee shop only to be left with a dead battery. Or realise on your way out the door that you forgot to charge your headphones. The case protects your headphones and provides up to two full charges, so you can enjoy up to 40 additional hours of listening time.

This adds to the already list of impressive features we detailed in our review including the design, comfort and adjustable noise cancelling levels.

The Bose 700 with charging case will set you back a cool $679.95 on the Bose Website, undoubtedly available soon at the usual retailers. Keep in mind though, there will be end of financial year specials coming up towards the end of June.

If you’ve previously invested in the Bose NC 700 headphones, you can purchase the charging case separately for $119.95.

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R. Lof

Get The Sony’s.


No aptX, no aptX HD, no LDAC – no thanks.

Nellie marshall

I purchased these before I went overseas but left hand speaker does not work properly very low volume Have noticed by some comments this is problem only 2 months old


Can you use these with a usb-c -> usb-c cable to get audio from your phone without using bluetooth? I.e. do these function as a usb-c headset, or is the usb-c just for charging?


thats a gd question since they have a 2.5 mm headphones jack


Yeah exactly… with most phones not having that jack, would be nice to know you have that as a backup option for basic listening if you run out of battery etc.