Those who use or have used root access on their Android devices will be no stranger to SuperSU. SuperSU is an app that “allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root”. Many of us intending to buy one of the Nexus phones announced today will need to use this to manage root access on them. SuperSU was developed by well-known developer Chainfire three and a half years ago and he has maintained it solely by himself in that time.

Today he has announced that he will be handing ownership of the app to Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC (CCMT). While this may seem a minor detail but by sheer numbers SuperSU is one of the most popular apps around. It started as a side project for Chainfire and has then grown into a popular app with almost a “hundred million downloads and a couple dozen million active users”. Maintaining this app on his own has become a drain on Chainfire and as such he has decided it is time to move on. He will be handing the development and management of the app to CCMT who already have a number of popular root access apps on the Play Store, although which ones is unknown. Chainfire will continue to work on the app for the next two years but will slowly phase out his involvement.

Chainfaire states that SuperSU has found a good home with CCMT and until further notice the non-pro versions of SuperSU are free to use and redistribute in “unmodified form”. Hopefully this continues for along time but I suspect that CCMT will want to monetise the app eventually considering the resources they are going to have to put into it as Google attempts to prevent root access and other insecurities. We will have to wait and see what beholds this app but I’d like to thank Chainfire for his work over the last few years on not just this but his other apps and wish him luck in the future projects.

Do you use SuperSU? Will you continue to root your device in the future? Can you see SuperSU improving under CCMT?

Source: Chainfire.