Boost Mobile is one of the few MVNOs that use the Telstra network. Originally they only had access to Telstra 3G network, but more recently they have expanded to the Telstra 1800MHz and 700MHz 4G frequencies as well. As such, their very competitive prices are becoming more popular with the Australian public.

Unfortunately though, Boost Mobile do not have a way to easily track your usage or to recharge until today. Today they have finally released an app to allow their customers to monitor and control their account easily from their phone/tablet.

The Boost Mobile app allows the user to:

  • Manage their Boost Mobile account
  • Check the credit balance, usage and call history of their account
  • Recharge their credit
  • Access the help and support from the Boost Community

Boost Mobile have also included their recommended apps which are just the basic, well-known apps such as Facebook and Snapchat. Maybe in the future they will expand this to lesser known apps, because let’s face it, most people know how to find Facebook and Snapchat etc but may not know about smaller, useful apps (such as different launchers, calendars etc).

As someone whose wife is on Boost Mobile, the app is a godsend with it being extremely painful in the past to manage the account, nearly making me switch to Telstra themselves. Now that the app makes things much easier, Boost is once again a great alternative to Telstra for those who want the coverage of the Telstra network but operate on a budget or just do not need the full service that Telstra offers.

Those on Boost Mobile, head on over to the Play Store to install this app now

Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile
Price: To be announced

Are you a Boost Mobile customer? Will you use this app?


Source: Boost Mobile Facebook.
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Unfortunately, the primary utility of the app only functions if you are using mobile data, it doesn’t work if you are using a wifi connection. Not really as helpful as it could be.

Michael Manning

I’ve always found the mobile website to be enough. Gave me my data usage and offered the link to recharge if I needed.

What I love is that they’ve moved to the 4G network 🙂


Switched to Boost yesterday from Virgin, just waiting for my number to be ported over