Android Dev Summit Splash

With a platform as diverse as Android, it’s no wonder that just one official developer conference a year just isn’t enough to meet the needs of both developers and product engineers alike. And in what could be seen as an acknowledgement of that, Google announced earlier this year that they would be launching an annual Android Developers Summit in 2015.

Google has a history of hosing such events, and as such it is little surprise that as the Android platform widens its scope that Google would adopt their Summit model to extend the learning opportunities for the Android platform. Unfortunately, the event had to be hosted somewhere and that somewhere was at the Computer History Museum located near Google’s main Mountain View campus. However, if you weren’t able to make it Google’s got you covered with all of the events now available in their Android Developers YouTube channel.

SO if you’re an Android developer or just and Android enthusiast pop on over and what a few talks on anything from the Keynote with Dave Burke and Stephanie Cuthbertson to the Framework Fireside Chat.

Have you been watching the Android Dev Summit? Let us know what to keep an eye on in the comments below.

Source: Android Developers.