LG has announced today that come CES 2016 in a couple of weeks, they’ll be unveiling some new audio gear and it sounds pretty good. LG will unveil its newest X-Boom audio systems and the new SH6, SH7 and SH8 sound bars to provide consumers with a variety of options when it comes to entertaining themselves, their families and friends. The SH6 is comprised of six individual speaker drive units, and employs a unique air duct structure to develop deep tones and powerful sound. The more advanced SH7 and SH8 come with wireless subwoofers that accentuate that bass performance even further.

Beyond this, LG’s 2016 sound bars include a simple one-touch setup, while access to sound bar functions directly from a compatible TV remote makes operation even easier. Built in to the new equipment is Bluetooth, Google Cast functionality and Auto Music Play. Like other speakers announced in 2015, the range will include both WiFi and Bluetooth for a full range of connectivity that works well no matter the circumstances.

LG will also be unveiling three new X-boom Systems. These are designed to serve as total entertainment solutions, providing powerful sound and wireless connectivity. Two models are all-in-one units, while the third appears to have a satellite subwoofer. There’s a lot of functionality in here, including built in lights for entertainment and a variety of audio options. Not too much is known about the range beyond this, though we’ll be sure to take a look at CES 2016 next month.

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But what about the G5….The rumors are making it sound awesome