Boxy Inbox

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would know about Google’s Inbox, the app that’s built on Gmail, but aims to make it better by offering you some fantastic granular controls over email workflow. Everything from automatic classification of your email to snoozing emails to allow you to deal with email as it needs to be dealt with, rather than figuring out whether or not you need to deal with it now and come back later.

While Inbox has web and mobile apps, one thing it hasn’t really had is a desktop app. Gmail has the same issue, though many developers have built third party applications which either (a) render Gmail in a browser view or (b) integrate with Gmail using IMAP or POP3 to deliver a more standard desktop email experience. This where Boxy fits in, as a desktop app for Inbox, designed for Mac, which enhances the browser-based Inbox experience.

Boxy puts the Inbox web interface in a custom designed app interface that enhances the experience; it costs $7.99 but from my first look, it does look rather promising. Take a look at some of the screen grabs below, or you can check it out on the Mac App Store via the link below.

What web interface tools would you like to see as a native PC or Mac client?

Source: Boxy App Store.