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We’re quite lucky at Ausdroid, often being privy to information before public release and treated to an early look at apps and for the last couple of months we’ve been doing just that on Shifty Jelly’s updated version of Pocket Weather. The update brings a massive visual change and the app comes into line with the Material Design update (which the guys won an award for at I/O last year with Pocketcasts) as well as some functionality changes.

A short time ago I saw this tweet from one of the team at Shifty Jelly

It’s happening and that means we’re allowed to show you whats coming really soon!

As you can see from the screenshots, the visuals are very different but still maintains the feel that the app has had since their last major update. The user view is much simpler, cleaner and easier to read than the previous version of Pocket Weather and in addition to this, there’s a really sweet dark theme that can be enabled after dark or all the time, the choice is yours.

If you’re a Pocket Weather user, head to the Play Store and check out if the update is ready for your device.

Pocket Weather Australia
Pocket Weather Australia
Developer: Podcast Media LLC
Price: To be announced

Let us (and Shifty Jelly) know what you like about the look of the new version of Pocket Weather

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I woke up and went to open a completely different app and then noticed this weird icon, clicked it and was surprised.


Does what it says on the tin, and now is a great looking tin!


weatherzone plus supports material design long long ago and much better than this one.


This update has convinced me to use the app. The only question I have is how much does the app impact battery life?


I’ve had the app installed for quite literally years and I have never noticed it having an impact on battery. That said unless I’m tracking the BOM I only open it once or twice a day.

Hands down best weather app I’ve used.


I concur. I have PocketWeather as a widget. I don’t notice the impact on battery life, prolly cuz I’m rockin a Nexus6P stock.


Agree. I used to use weatherzone but it was killing my battery. Switched to PocketWeather. No battery drain whatsoever.


Definitely the best (australia) weather app for Android, would love to be able to track other cities in the world with the app though.


For Australia – I use PocketWeather.
For cities worldwide – I use YahooWeather.