LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 Galay S7 Edge
Over the past few years we have seen PR departments from various device manufacturers take pot shots at each other with the most obvious being the Samsung-Apple wars. This year it seems that LG are entering the fray, and are doing so early taking the first shot in what could be a heated battle.

LG Jordan’s Twitter account tweeted out the first shot, that looks like an official LG production.

With LG obviously positioning itself directly against the Samsung Galaxy S7 it could be the first shot in a long battle. The LG ad brings into focus their 7 additions to the LG G5, the “Friends” series which include the modular addons such as the HiFi Plus and the Cam Plus and uses it’s own twist on a famous US quote:

Think not what your phone can do, but what you can do with your phone

LG’s modular design may give it many possibilities with respect to add on features, especially with LG opening up the design to third party manufacturers to create their own modules. The modules are what really sets the LG G5 apart from the Samsung Galaxy S7.

There are many similarities between the two phones so for LG to eat into some of Samsung’s vast market share it is going to take some aggressive marketing, which it seems that LG are happy to do. Whether LG Australia will also be happy to go down this path is yet to be seen. Until then, grab the popcorn and wait for Samsung’s response.

Source: LG Twitter.
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vijay alapati

I’m sure samaung will not bark back, they are smart to use the marketing properly rather just crying on others


Tweet deleted, was the image the same as in the article leader?