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It seems that every man and his dog use WhatsApp. Personally I was very late to the party. Apparently I’m just not hip enough anymore (if I ever was). With over one billion users WhatsApp it is one of the world’s most popular messaging service. As such the developers need a simple way to track their updates and how they behave within the beta program before the app makes it out to 1 billion Joe and Jill Publics. Today WhatsApp have released their beta program on Google Play.

Previously their beta program involved downloading an apk file from their website and installing from there. Afterwards it was difficult for the developers to track users and any issues they may have been having. Now with the beta app on Google Play not only can the developers be made aware of any bugs faster but users have easier access to the app updates.

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I for one am a big fan of beta apps. I am an early-adopter, I love new gadgets and apps before others get them. I want to test new features out before everyone else. Since Google have opened the beta testing program through Google Play I have joined to test many beta apps and will continue to do so in the future. The sheer number of developers who use this service shows just how valuable it can be for their app development. Facebook (owners of WhatsApp) and WhatsApp obviously agree.

If you want to join the WhatsApp beta program, or if you already are but want to do it through Google Play (and why wouldn’t you), head on over to the sign up page and follow the links.

What’s your favourite beta app? Will you join this WhatsApp beta program?

Source: Venturebeat.