Android Be Together Not The Same
Google is hitting some high points with their Be Together, Not the Same commercials and the latest promotes this idea using the traditional enemies of Rock, Paper and Scissors.

The ad, which was released on their YouTube channel and promoted on their Google+ page, is pretty awesome from a visual standpoint, but the use of Joh Parr’s St Elmo’s Fire playing atop the ad is the icing on the cake. The ad shows each using their strength to overcome the others perceived weakness – Scissors beats paper, before paper beats rock – check it out:

The ad was promoted on Twitter and Facebook with this teaser that shows off a little teaser about Android N:

A close up of the Paper shows the sentence (emphasis ours) which hints at what’s coming next:

We’d like to thank…all of our fans out there, our parents(,) Janice from craft services, for the lollipops, marshmallows and n

Screenshot 2016-02-29 at 8.20.29 PM

Nougat, Nutella, it could be any or none of those. It’s a fair while till we find out what the next version of Android will be called so keep teasing us Google.

Source: Android YouTube.
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    The eighties jump freeze at the end cracked me up.


    Geez, I nearly teared up over that.