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It’s the 1st of April, but this is no April Fools prank – all though we have plenty of those – but for all Star Wars fans, you can now stream Episode 7 of the Star Wars saga.

Google Play has started notifying people that pre-ordered the movie, that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been added to their library. Likewise anyone wanting to purchase the movie can now do so from their preferred streaming or online movie locker service of choice.

Here’s a few options for you:

Google Play $19.99 $24.99
iTunes $24.99
Dendy Direct $5.89 $6.89

Both Dendy Direct and Google Play Movies offer Chromecast support, whereas iTunes doesn’t quite offer the same options but you can still get your movie to the big screen if you want. No platform wars here, just get into the latest Jar-Jar free episode of Star Wars now.

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    Any of these 4k?