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For those of you who are users of some of Microsoft’s products in unison with your Android devices it looks like the Remond giant has a new feature for you: notification syncing. At their annual Build conference Microsoft have announced that they are updating their Windows Notification Service and the Cortana app on Android and Windows phone to implement the new feature.

From the initial information we are getting it seems that the service will be able to sync messages, e-mail, missed calls along with “other” notifications. They also discussed universal dismiss, a feature that would allow you to dismiss a notification on Windows and have that notification dismissed on your Android or Windows phone.

It’s not clear how the Cortana app will achieve this on Android and if developers will need to enable the features. Microsoft are planning to release more emails to developers after the Build conference.

This is a continuation of the recent trend of Microsoft playing a far more open and universal game than they have done traditionally. Many attribute this change to their not so new CEO Satya Nadella, what ever the cause Android has certainty profited from this new Microsoft, with a steady stream of apps coming out of Redmond.

Are you a Windows 10 user? Would you install Cortana to get cross device notifications? Let us know below.

Source: The Verge.
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It would be great, if Microsoft would release it in all countries. Unfortunately it is just rubbish if it is geo-locked.

George Lu

Nice! I like it


Sounds like a sub-par rip off of Pushbullet

Geoffrey D'Unienville

exactly what I was thinking, u have pushbullet installed across all my devices and its fantastic