Having a bit of quiet time means time to go through the Ausdroid Shelves, and we’ve got five Nextbit sheep which we collected at MWC 2016 to give away. As you can see above, these are exclusive conference editions in pure black, and they’re really cool.

If you’d like to get your hands on one, tell us in the comments why you’d like a Nextbit sheep. It’s as simple as that. Don’t go overboard, don’t give us a silly answer like “because I’d like one”, and make sure your answer’s a good one. The best five answers will win a sheep!

If you’re keen to learn more about Nextbit, check out Jason’s review of the Nextbit Robin.

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I need a little friend to keep me company at work, whilst b(l)eating my head against the desk whilst dealing with IT clients


I’m an insomniac and one of these will help me count sheep to sleep. One… one… one…


Hahahaha. Definitely. Send us your details to contact(at)ausdroid(dot)net and we’ll send you one.


Ausdroid has 5 little lambs, but this guy has none ?

Daniel Holdsworth

I assume I’m not an android given my lack of dreams containing electrified Ovis aries, so i guess that makes me a Rebel. A miniature vinyl sheep would announce to the world my true identity.


To remind me that I mindlessly followed everyone in entering this competition…


Work has been so busy that when I flop onto my bed, I go straight to sleep. I don’t even get a chance to dream of electric sheep. This will be the next best thing, sitting right beside my monitor. I get to actually look at sheep instead of dreaming of it.


This should do me well as a reminder to buy Maltesers.


Bahahaha. I see what you’re doing there. Great. Send us your details to contact(at)ausdroid(dot)net and we’ll send you one.


I’d love a Nextbit sheep because it’d cheer my up sitting on my desk after I’ve argued with my boss that browsing Ausdroid is important research and imperative to my work…


Ausdroid is too important not to browse at work. Send us your details to contact(at)ausdroid(dot)net and we’ll send you one.


The black sheep reminds me of the tour in Hobbiton NZ. There were thousands of white sheep and only 1 black sheep. Good memories.


Ooh I love Hobbiton, and yes, I know the black sheep there! Have one of ours. Send us your details to contact(at)ausdroid(dot)net and we’ll send you one.

Reuben Fergusson

Look at it! It’s just freaking awesome! I’d love one of those!


I am a medical research student, and my lab group use sheep as an animal model. We have a collection of various sheep trinkets, I think this would be great to add to the collection!


A Nextbit sheep would be perfect on my bed stand as I catch up with the day’s Android news on Ausdroid. Using my LG G Pad 8.3 and ASUS Zenfone2 =)

Henry M

I would like to connect to the cloud & store the warmth of Nexbit wool through this winter. 🙂

Andrew Brown

I live in the rural NSW, but the view from my desk overlooks other buildings instead of country fields. A black sheep would make me smile.


I’d like one as a humorous substitute for my own lips


well, the running joke in my family is that since i’m the youngest, i’m the black sheep, but actually (and this will surprise you) i’m a nerd and a statistician. 😀


then again that black is a bit pale, might wait for the amoled version

Ray S

I’d love to have one to help me get through those baa-aaa-d days ^_^
plus it’s got such a contemporary look that would match perfectly with my Razer Blade and OnePlus One !

Kev K

I’d love one since some people in my house are opposed to pets.. I can bring this lovely Nextbit sheep around the house and continually annoy them until they succumb to me and the sheep!

Dennis Bareis

Would look good on my work desk

Adam J

A sheep would be the perpetual stand-in for the iPhone I never owned. Where do I plug the lightning cable?


A brilliant idea. Send us your postal details at contact(at) and we’ll hook you up.