In a blog post today, Brenden Mulligan & Taylor Hughes, LaunchKit Co-Founders have announced that the company has been acquired by Google.

The company has been behind a number of tools and apps released to both the Apple app store and Google Play, but it’s their tools for helping developers ‘make the process of building, releasing, and monitoring an app simpler’ that’s likely the impetus behind the purchase.

In their blog post announcing the acquisition, Brenden and Taylor say

We’ll be joining their Developer Product Group, which is committed to building amazing developer tools, and we’ll be taking everything we’ve learned building LaunchKit and continue our mission at an even larger scale.

LaunchKit’s suite of tools include a screenshotting tool to create ‘beautiful, custom images’ to be added to an app page on the Apple app store or Google Play, as well as a quick website for an app. The tools also let developers monitor app reviews and download figures from both app stores.

The existing suite of LaunchKit tools will remain available for the next 12 months the duo says, before being taken offline. That’s not the end though, with the LaunchKit services open sourced so that anyone can set up their own instance of their tools.

We may very well see some new tools coming soon to Google Play based on this acquisition, so stay tuned.