The first phone to run Android 7.0 brand new out of the box won’t be a Nexus device for the first time in a very long time. Instead Google announced when they dropped the final version of Android that it will be the LG V20, now the phone has popped up thanks to master leaker Evan Blass via his @evleaks twitter account.

The phone is a front only render, which shows the phone’s primary and secondary display (you can see it up there sitting above the main display in the top left in the render:
LG introduced the secondary display on the LG V20’s predecessor, the LG V10. The secondary display is a way to access shortcuts and application controls while you’re still in another app. LG then went on to introduce the secondary display in the LG X-Screen, which launched here in Australia as the Telstra Signature Enhanced.

While this is a look at the front of the phone, another leaker – @onleaks – tweeted a render he had made of the rear of the phone, which shows a similar design to last years V10:
V10 render rear
The renders made by Onleaks are generally made based on mock up ‘dummies’ that case manufacturers have on hand to ensure their cases fit the devices before the launch, so this design could very much not be final.

LG has certainly been capitalising on the notoriety of being the first manufacturer to ship a phone running Nougat.

LG never released the LG V10 here in Australia, but with the launch of the phone gaining a lot of buzz as the first Android 7.0 phone to reach the market, LG could gain traction with the handset by making it available globally. LG Australia has yet to comment on the release here, so we’ll have to wait and see.

LG will unveil the LG V20 at an event in San Francisco on September 6th, we’ll be tuning in to see what it has to offer and we’ll hopefully find out availability info at that time.

Source: @evleaks.
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Love my G4 but still not a fan of the rockers on the side to upgrade. Will wait to see the new G6 in 2017.

Joshua Hill

Is the 2nd screen about the height of the notification bar and running most of the width of the phone with a V20 in it? If so that’s the top right not the top left as it currently says in the main text to this article.


Bootloop is back…lol


This could be a 2016 Nexus alternative pending price and availability. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

John Bousattout

Seems to be running a lot of the google apps on there already… apart from the dialer.