LGBTIQ history has yet to find a place in many school curriculums (remember the Safe Schools Program which was canned by this and the previous Government). However, technology and new tools like virtual reality can open pedagogical doors to cast light on what has been for too long taboo.

Let’s face it, coming out is still quite a big things at the moment and for most it can be easy but for other, not so much and this is where Google Expeditions is looking to change this.

Recently, Google Expeditions, Google’s Cardboard powered Virtual Reality teach tool, launched a lesson which advances and helps shine a light on LGBTIQ rights exploring the history, events and places celebrating National Coming Out Day on October 11th.

This expedition which students tried for the first time last week, lets you explore landmarks like the Stonewall Inn (which is part of the famous Stonewall Riots back in 1969), which shaped the LGBTIQ movement. It this lesson which sheds light on the challenges the LGBTIQ community has faced and helps spark meaningful dialogue.

In addition to this expedition, Google Arts & Culture, is commemorating National Coming Out Day with an exhibit that, in partnership with the Archive of American Television, has gathered together stories from notable LGBTIQ figures about their coming out experiences and how they’ve personally combated homophobia.

The expedition and associated cirriculum shows exhibits from Sheila Kuehl through to Alan Ball, giving students an opportunity to hear first-hand from well-known LGBTIQ figures. You can also explore other online exhibits about LGBTIQ history on Google Arts & Culture.

It through programs like this that will help to create a more tolerant society whilst at the same time reminds us of the lessons learnt in the past, and allows for them to be passed to a whole new generation both within and outside the LGBTIQ community.

Source: Google Expeditions Blog.
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Yianni soc

That’s a really cool initiative.
Happy to help some schools get some Google Cardboard headsets to uses if they wanna get in touch (Direct or via Ausdroid)