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Last year Lenovo/Motorola announced their hackathons for enterprising, independent individuals and groups to develop new Moto Mods. At the same time they also announced a partnership with Indiegogo to encourage the community to develop and source crowd funding for innovative new Moto Mods. Today they have released the details of the 12 finalists from this contest.

After receiving over 700 submissions from 55 countries Motorola have whittled that long list down to 12 finalists. The finalists will each receive a Moto Mods Development Kit, a Moto Z and will have their crowdfunding campaigns launched on the Indiegogo website.

Just like the results from Motorola’s hackathons some of the Transform the Smartphone Challenge finalists are extremely innovative and really could transform smartphones. The 12 finalists are:

As you can see from the list above there is some great ideas there that I definitely hope to see in the marketplace sometime this year. I am surprised that Motorola/Lenovo don’t give them more of a financial hand to be honest. They have very deep pockets and have invested a lot into their modular system. If they want it to succeed they’ll need to do more than give away a development kit and a Moto Z. Even the winners from the Hackathons aren’t guaranteed any financial support.

If you want to financially support those listed above head on over to Indiegogo where it seems people have forgotten about the amazing battery life of the Moto Z, the already available extra battery life Moto Mods, and the TurboCharging system of the Moto Z and are favouring the wireless charging mod. The other doing well at this stage is the Edge notification system — I really like this one.

Sound off in the comments below your thoughts on these mods. Will you be backing any of them? Will these mods make you think about buying a Moto Z (or Z Play) now or sometime in the future like it is me?

Source: Motorola BlogIndiegogo.
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Adam J

Edge is a bit of a showpony mod I reckon. It’s pretty, but too thick for its limited use cases. I’d happily stump up for the wallet, considering tap-to-pay is so well adopted in Aus… 1 place to store my stuff would be great. I guess if you’re one to be off the grid, the radio and solar charger are cool. EarMods is ugly and effectively redundant with Bluetooth headphones. I like the idea of the InstruMod but it’s enormous and so expensive. I don’t have any mods for my Z Play yet, but looking forward to some of these… Read more ยป