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Earlier this year TAG Heuer announced that they were happy with ow successful their first foray into the Android Wear market had been. After selling more than 56,000 units of version one they have planned for a version 2. This version is set to be announced tonight/early tomorrow with all details coming then. It seems someone at TAG Heuer has let the cat out of the bag early though with their website revealing the details.

Earlier today the web page for the new TAG Heuer connected watch went live, briefly — it has since been hidden but not before the details of the new watch were gleaned by DroidLife — unfortunately they were only able to grab one picture, the same one we obtained from the TAG Heuer website — see below.

The new TAG Heuer smartwatch will be called the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 and will run Android Wear 2.0 as expected. The watch housing is a 45mm case that allows the consumer to swap out the “Connected” module for a more traditional mechanical module (a tourbillon).

The watch will also be offered with a range of bands with various materials and colours as well as the ability to swap lugs, straps and buckles as the user sees fit. Band/strap options include black, blue, red, white, yellow, green, orange and electric blue rubber straps, ceramic straps, titanium bracelets and a calfskin/rubber combo available in black, grey and light brown. The lugs themselves have the option of coming in titanium, titanium with diamonds, titanium with 18K rose gold, and titanium with a matte black ceramic finish (come on it is a TAG Heuer, of course these are options). The buckles will only come in a PVD or titanium flavour.

The tech side of the equation revealed an Intel CPU, water resistance to 50 metres, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, an AMOLED display, 4GB of storage, an ambient light sensor and Android Wear 2.0 with Google Assistant. There was no mention of the battery size, just that it should last beyond 24 hours.

With their first generation Android Wear watch TAG Heuer offered the option to swap your connected watch for a mechanical one at the end of two years. This same policy applies, but only for swapping to a mechanical and not a connected one.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Unfortunately it comes with a price tag to match. At $1650US it is most likely out of the reach of many of us. If it does make it here (it is difficult to find version one in stores here anywhere) expect it to be well over the $2000AUD mark. We DO expect it to make it here in some form as a search of the Australian TAG Heuer website found this smartwatch.

Does anyone have a TAG Heuer Android Wear watch? Anyone considering the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45?

Source: DroidLifeTAG Heuer.
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Like the watch but not the price. The specification is what I expected new affordable watches to have rather than have LTE. Oh! Well! Time to dream on.