We’ve been saying it for a while but this time it seems that it really is happening. Truly. Well, maybe. Possibly even. Yes Android Wear 2.0 and its arrival on the Huawei Watch is imminent and is actually arriving on some Huawei Watches right now.

The Huawei Watch was one of the two devices to receive the Android Wear 2.0 developer preview but unfortunately bugs have prevented a final rollout of a stable Android Wear 2.0. Huawei originally said it would be available by the end of March but then in early April we saw a tweet that declared that all bugs are now squashed and it should be ready to go soon.

Reports over on Reddit have users declaring that OTA updates for Android Wear 2.0 are arriving on their Huawei Watches. The problem is that the Android Wear 2.0 update is only arriving for users who are running the AW 2.0 developer preview. There are links for the said OTA on the Reddit thread if you are indeed on the developer preview and want to sideload the OTA for AW2.0.

With AW 2.0 bringing a host of changes to AW it will be good to see how they are implemented on the Huawei Watch. Hopefully after all this time it is stable, bug free and a pleasure to use. I am currently installing the developer preview and will let you know how AW 2.0 is on it when I have it.

Source: Reddit.
Via: Android Police.
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Will AW2.0 provide a massive difference to my Huawei Watch?


After more mucking around than should be necessary, I finally got Wear 2 installed on my Huawei Watch and my opinion is meh! I appreciate the update that we shouldn’t had to have waited so long for however I’ve been enjoying my Gear S3 (especially Samsung Pay) so much I’m probably going to try and sell or gift the Huawei watch to someone that will use it more. Also have an almost unused Microsoft Band 2 that i intend on rehoming due to lack of use.


How much are you wanting for the MS Band 2?


I dislike Apple products but I’m getting extremely fed up with playing the will they or won’t they update it with Android products. Then when a company decides they’ve dicked their customers around long enough and begrudgingly decide to release a long overdue update, the customer often has to waste even more time trying to make the update work. Pixel was a good opportunity for Google to lead other companies on fixing this Android issue but then Google waaaaaay overpriced it in Australia and made it all but impossible to get the 128gb XL version. No wonder many people like… Read more ยป

Yianni soc

Thanks for the heads up. I just restarted my watch and put it on the charger and it came up.
I tried manually looking for a system update before restarting and it said system is up to date.
So if you have the development version, restart and put in on charge and it should notify you that it’s ready for download.

Yianni soc

Also you need 50% battery or it won’t let you install.


I don’t have the development version and I just disabled bluetooth on my phone which forced my watch to use my home wifi, stuck it on the charger and bam, its downloading the update.

Yianni soc

i don’t know if it’s the same without the dev preview, but my watch wiped, and i have to re-setup the watch and phone.