As it’s been their standard for a number of years, Google have dropped the Android O into their Beta program during the Google I/O Keynote — previously it was available as a Developer Preview only.

Making the transition to the Beta program allows many more users to gain access to the early release version of Android O. The devices that you can install this on are the Nexus 5X, 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel and Pixel XL (Google’s own devices of course…) so if you have a spare device, and want to give it a crack, head to the Android Beta website to enroll your device.

If your device was previously in the Beta program for Nougat you will need to enroll it again in the Android O Beta Program. Once enrolled your device will receive OTA updates for Android O. Once the program is finished, and keep in mind the Android N Beta Program only finished earlier this year so that could be a ways off, you will continue to receive public OTA updates.

As someone who has used the Android O Developer Preview it is a fairly big change to Android but also seems fairly stable to me. At any stage though, if you decide otherwise, you can always opt out of the program.

If you are interested head over to the Android Beta Program website and enroll all your devices. What device will you be putting Android O on? Anyone using it in it’s Developer Preview incarnation on a daily driver?

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Dan Goodes

Hearing reports from folks that, even after the second beta OTA, Android Pay doesn’t work. Glad I held out.