We’re heading to Computex for the first time this year and as happens with other tech conferences, there’s announcements and leaks galore in the lead-up. Acer has done its part, announcing two new laptops as the conference approaches.

The first is the Nitro 5, an impressive collection of pointy-end hardware making it a performance option at a reasonable price. The other is the Spin 1 laptop — a foldable, mobility based workhorse designed for portability and functionality for the worker on the go.

The Nitro 5 offers users 15.6″ screen running SSD storage for speed, data security, heat and sound reduction. Options of Nvidia or ATI video, i7 CPU and up to 32GB of RAM. Pricing and availability within Australia is yet to be announced but we do know that it’s available in North America for US$799 (AU$1080) so far from a cheap option, but nowhere near a bank breaker.

The Spin 1 which is a far more affordable option at US$329 (AU$440) offers an 11.6″ screen, 32, 64 or 128GB eMMC storage (the same as some of their Chromebooks), on-board video, 4GB of RAM and either a Pentium or Celeron processor to ensure your battery lasts the promised 8 hours.

Both are running Windows 10 and listed as being available in July to North America. Given the opportunity, we’ll be hitting up the Acer reps to find out their plans for Australian availability.

Source: Windows Blog.