Have you been hitting your Google Opinion Rewards surveys lately? If you’ve got some spare credit, then it’s time to see what’s discounted on Google Play this week. Google is offering Cut the Rope and Shuttle+ Music Player for just 20c each this week.

Google Play App Deal of the Week

Shuttle+ Music Player

How do you play your music on your phone? If the answer is locally, then Shuttle+ Music Player should be on your list of apps to check out.

Shuttle Music Player offers a lightweight, material design audio player for your phone which includes support for themes including light and Dark modes. It comes with a 6-band equalizer (including Bass boost) and Gapless playback. It’s quite powerful for its size and has a bunch of additional features like support for lyrics, and auto-download for artwork.

You can fall asleep listening to your favourite tunes with the built-in sleep timer ready to switch it off when you’ve nodded off. and powerful music player for Android.

You can try out Shuttle Music Player for free, but the paid version offers some good features including Chromecast support, an ID3 tag editor, folder browsing and some extra themes.

If it sounds good to you, head over to Google Play and check it out now.

Shuttle+ Music Player (Legacy)
Shuttle+ Music Player (Legacy)

Google Play Game Deal of the Week

Cut the Rope

If you like puzzle games and been using Android for a while, then chances are you’ll have played Cut the Rope, but if you’re new then you should love this game.

Cut the Rope features a cute little monster called Om Nom who loves to eat lollies (Candy). Through 425 levels you’ll help Om Nom to get the candy, by figuring out how to swing it into his mouth – he’s a bit lazy. The game has a great physics engine which allows the candy to bounce, swing and move around the levels naturally.

It looks great, but there’s some in-app purchases priced between $0.99 – $29.99 per item. It is what it is, you don’t HAVE to pay for the IAP but if you want to, you can give it a go.

Cut the Rope is very playable even without investing in the IAP, so if you’ve got the 20c to spare I suggest trying it out.

Cut the Rope GOLD
Cut the Rope GOLD
Developer: ZeptoLab
Price: $0.99

Dan’s Deal of the Week

Grab Zenge. It’s Free at the moment, so it’s a bargain.

That’s about all you need to know. The game is pretty straightforward to play, you slide in pieces to a puzzle in the right order to get to the next one. It looks and plays great, check it out:

If you’re in the mood for something not too hard, but challenging then it’s worth checking this out and hey, it’s priced right ;).

Last weeks deals have now ended, so if you’re looking for a bargain, then it’s time to jump on these – or Zenge if you’re not willing to pay anything.