Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest messaging platforms on the planet, in use by over 1.2 billion users monthly. It stands to reason that a platform operating on this scale will continually upgrade their capabilities and with the incoming update they’re doing exactly that.

For those of you across other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat some of the features will seem very familiar and push further into Facebook Messenger being the platform of choice for many.

There are four updates in total, adding tools for video chats, including new filters to allow you to express your emotions clearer to your friends — they range from lighting changes such as sepia-type overlays and can give you an opportunity to express your mood accurately. You can also now utilise emoji in your video chats, letting you throw in a few emoji to clearly show your feelings with a bit of fun.

If you want to take it to the next level you can now add masks to your face on video chat. Then, just to make sure you have blackmail on your clown-mates, you can also take screenshots of these chats to “save your memories” which can then be shared on Facebook with the clowns in them tagged.

With the update rolling out via the Play Store soon keep an eye out for it to obtain these new features as soon as possible.

Price: Free

If you’re a Facebook Messenger user, what feature keeps you coming back rather than using another platform?

Source: Facebook.
Via: Android Police.