Analytics firm App Annie has recently released a report looking into the usage statistics of Australians and users in the Oceania region, with a few interesting tidbits showing comparisons between iOS and Android users.

The report shows statistics for both Android and iOS users with the average between both showing that mobile users have, on average, 98 apps installed on their phones at any one time. There’s a breakdown of this, with iOS users more likely to have more apps installed than Android users, with App Annie finding an average of 102 apps installed on phones used by iOS users, while Android users have around 94.

Monthly and daily usage statistics also show a difference between the eco-systems, with Android users using around 36 apps per month, and 10 daily, while iOS users tend to use more apps per month, averaging at 37 with a daily usage of 12 apps. The breakdown of the apps used by Android users, see a more functional slant with Tools (5) and Communications/Productivity apps (4 of each), while iOS users prioritise utility apps (six), followed by social networking apps (five).

Globally, App Annie found that the time we’re using apps is increasing overall, while the time varied greatly from country to country, they did find that between 2015 to 2017, all countries they analysed increased the amount of time spent using apps.

The report with global stats can be viewed on the App Annie website, while a more local look at app usage can be viewed here.

Source: App Annie.