Chris Nolan’s upcoming movie Dunkirk heads in to cinemas next week in Australia and the publicity machine is ramping up. Google has joined the marketing push launching a WebVR experience for the movie, which is now available to check out.

Google’s Chrome VR and Google Zoo, their ‘in-house creative think tank for brands’, has partnered with Warner Bros and Jam3 to build the WebVR experience. It’s made to be as open as possible, with the Dunkirk experience released as a web app rather than a native app to enable more people to experience it. You can play it just in your browser, on a phone, or you can plug in a VR headset like a Google Cardboard, or Daydream headset, to experience it.

The story is set in the world of Dunkirk:

It transports you back to the siege of the beaches of Dunkirk in June 1940, and it’s available now. Playing with a friend or solo, you can experience the battle as either of two soldiers, both trying to survive. You’re plunged into this moment in history through alternating perspectives—and every choice could mean the difference between life and death. In the end, just like the movie, the game shows the power of people working together in extreme circumstances and how the human spirit can persevere when all looks lost.

The experience is pretty cool, though a little linear. You can play with a friend or select to be partnered with another player from somewhere around the world, though I’m not sure what happened because on my play through it sort of just ran without the need for another person really. Nevertheless, it’s something you can show your friends if you have a spare Google Cardboard headset around.

You can experience it now on the web at

Source: Google.