Yesterday we released our review of the Blackberry KEYone Android phone, and today JB HiFi has notified us that it is now officially available for sale. The KEYone was originally announced for preorder via JB HiFi but starting today you can either pick one up in store or order it for delivery.

I’ve checked with some of my local stores in Brisbane and looked online and most of them are showing in store stock of the phone; of course, if you’re going to rush out and get one perhaps call ahead to be sure of stock. The KEYone retails for a reasonable $899 AUD.

We gave the KEYone a positive review finding very little to dislike and a lot to like with the first Blackberry device from TCL. If you wanted to give the Blackberry a go or at least see what the hardware keyboard is all about drop by a JB HiFi and check it out.

Source: JB HiFi.
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Adam S

What a device. Would love to pick it up, but I think the days of me spending $900 on a phone are over.

Hoping a carrier picks it up. But eh, I’m also happy to wait for a price drop. My Classic is still working well.


I’d love one of these for work where my phone gets used almost exclusively for email. Not sure I could stand to lose the screen real estate for my personal phone though. That screen is getting pretty small for video watching, for example.


Anyone wanna buy mine? Awesome phone, I just have device ADHD and will pick up the Essential when it comes out. Email me at [email protected] and I’m Melbourne based.