The Humble Bundle is almost back to a bi monthly release schedule at this stage, but fans of cheap, good value games aren’t complaining. This time around, the Humble team has joined up with KEMCO and HyperDevbox offering nine games to grab.

As usual there’s three levels, you can pay US$1 or more and get Generation of Chaos, Chronus Arc Premium and Bonds of the Skies Premium. You can pay more than the average of US$4.85 to also unlock Cross Hearts Arcadia, ExZeus 2 and Crystareino Premium or you can pay US$5 or more to also unlock Blazing Souls Accelate, Spectral Souls and Legna Tactica.

There’s the bonus of free wallpapers and Soundtracks with this bundle, simply enter you email address and you’ll be sent free desktop wallpapers and soundtracks (MP3 & FLAC) for Bonds Of The Skies Premium, Chronus Arc Premium, Cross Hearts Arcadia, Crystareino Premium, and Legna Tactica! That’s a great deal.

If you want the best way to manage your Humble Bundle content you’ve bought over the years, don’t forget about the Humble Bundle app you can side-load from their website. It has to be side-loaded due to Google Play rules about where apps/games come from as this is essentially another app store, but it’s a pretty good app.

You can grab your bundle now from the Humble Bundle Mobile website right now.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.