The current situation with data retention in Australia, as well as around the world, means that a VPN is essentially a necessity these days. Based on this, 4TFY is possibly one of the really well thought out “right place, right time” projects that I’ve seen recently. They’re currently setting up on Kickstarter for users who are looking to get onto a VPN but at a one off, reasonable price.

Where some VPNs charge on a per device or using annual subscription fee, 4TFY is offering their service for a once off payment of AU$119. That’s quite a saving when presented as a comparison over three years, however if this comes to fruition, it’s a lifetime of service.

4TFY say that in order to maintain a lifetime of service they’ve taken steps to ensure that there’s few on-going costs:

To ensure that lifetime VPN access really means lifetime VPN access, we have ensured that we own all required hardware and that our operating costs are as low as possible. This means we are able to charge lower, one-off, lifetime fees and still deliver a high quality service. Lifetime VPN access really means lifetime VPN access.

How this turns out in the long run will be the key, but even if this fails after a year, then $119 for a one year VPN subscription isn’t too bad.

As far as 4TFY is concerned, they appear to be meeting all the requirements that anyone looking for privacy on the internet looks for in VPN. 4TFY say they don’t keep log files tracking any of your activities, they have over 1000 servers located across 60 countries and offer users enough bandwidth for 4K streaming – Assuming you’ve got the bandwidth to support it to start with and luckily with that bandwidth available, no data limit.

It’s a big step for users who are looking to protect themselves from mandatory data retention in Australia or just simply to preserve privacy on the Internet. According to their Kickstarter page you can also use their service to circumvent geoblocking with the inference being you can access overseas services such as Netflix with the use of 4TFY VPN – though with Netflix currently killing these services quite quickly, this is probably not likely to last long.

They’ve already got apps for various releases of Windows, iOS and Android to cover most of the mainstream options except of course MacOS. It seems a pretty solid option for users looking to protect their privacy, so if you’re keen to know more you can check out their Kickstarter page for more detail.

If this isn’t meeting your needs, what do you want from a VPN?

Source: Kickstarter.
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Nice! Also, is there a comparison article around for all different VPN offerings?


Try FrootVPN it’s much affordable and very reliable I’ve been using it since last year. and i haven’t got any problem at all. #bestnologvpn