Google has today begun rolling out a new radio station in Play Music focusing on discovery of new music, but based on your personalised music tastes, and where you are.

The new release radio station began life as part of the Samsung partnership that was launched back in April, but began rolling out a couple of weeks ago. Google says this launch with Samsung was such a success that they’re rolling the new release radio station out to everyone with a Google Play Music account.

Google says that ‘the station uses machine learning to select singles and album releases from the past two weeks based on your listening history and musical preferences’. Along with that, I had to accept some new permissions before being allowed to use the station, so there’s that.

The station is presented as soon as you load up Google Play Music as an option to check out. I can’t really see much in there I’d listen to personally, but it may work better for people who use Google Play Music more extensively.

Google says that the new station is available to free radio listeners and Google Play Music subscribers globally with the latest new releases constantly added. You can find this through Google Play Music or by searching for “New Release Radio.”

Source: Google.
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    Gregory Eden

    It must be a progressive rollout. Nothing on either phone or desktop. And I use Play Music every day.