If you’re like me, you love puzzle games. They’re quick and easy to play in short periods of time, and the latest Humble Mobile Bundle gives you the chance to get nine puzzle games for almost nothing.

The bundle includes a heap of great titles, for just $1USD you can grab klocki, Hook and Zenge or if you want to pay $5USD you can also get Mini Metro, Human Resource Machine and Deus Ex GO and finally, if you want it all, you can pay more than the average price, which stands at $5.72USD you can get A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build, Concrete Jungle and Slayaway Camp.

If you decide to beat the average this month, your reward will also include the Zenge Soundtrack from Hamster on Coke Games…yeah, I just had to put that name in here.

For those of you just wanting some freebies, you can sign up to the Humble Bundle mailing list where you’ll receive a bunch of stuff just for handing over your email address. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Human Resource Machine Soundtrack
  • Slayaway Camp Deluxe Edition Content
  • The Full-Length Slayaway Camp Soundtrack in 320kbps MP3 & FLAC
  • Set of Slayaway Camp Wallpapers & Avatars
  • Set of Slayaway Camp Papercraft Templates including Skullface, American Mary, Mouthy Jock, Cheerleader and More.
  • The Complete Poetry Audiobook Version of Skullface’s “Die-Kus” Featuring over 15 hilariously morose Haikus read by Mark Meer
  • Authentic Scans from Skullface’s own Diary / Journal of Die-Kus.
  • A folder full of artistic bits and pieces, concept sketches, videos and other treasures from the development of Slayaway Camp

You can, as usual, split your payment between the developers, the Humble Bundle Team, or a charity which you can now choose from a whole plethora of worthy causes. Payments can be made using Credit Card, Amazon Payments or PayPal.

If you love a good puzzler, then jump over to the Humble Mobile Bundle: Puzzles website to get it now.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.