The launch of the LG V30 is one of the bigger launches we have coming up, and it’s also the one with a little mystique still surrounding it. LG has begun official teasers for the phone and the latest shows how LG created the wallpaper for the phone.

The video LG has shared appears to be in 18:9 aspect ratio making it a perfect fit for playing back on the 18:9 aspect ratio, 6-inch screen of the LG V30.

You’d be forgiven for thinking as I did that the wallpaper would simply be created using a graphic designer, but it appears LG went practical for this. The video shows LG using a laser and lights through an acrylic plate about 1.5m in size to project onto a 5 metre screen. They could control the colours, angles and hues appearing on the screen before capturing the image for the Wallpaper.

Check it out:

LG will unveil the V30 at their pre-IFA press launch on the 31st of August which kicks off around 5pm AEST. You’ll be able to tune in through their Facebook and Youtube channels to watch the action as it unfolds.

Source: LG Mobile YouTube.
Via: LG Social.
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Haven’t they heard of Photoshop?


No wonder why they fail in market….lol


What a monumental waste of time & money for something that could be better done in a rendering package, by one person, in an afternoon.

I guess we can tell who to blame for the daft decisions LG keeps making; the marketing department seems to be chock full of idiots.


Keeps people employed. And the phone wouldn’t be any cheaper if they did or didn’t do that. These are also done to increase the brand recognition and hype.