Plex is a hugely popular third party media distribution platform that allows you to send your own storied media to your devices as well as share with your friends and family through account shares. As part of their continuing improvement to the platform, Plex allows third parties to be involved in delivery of service and it’s been highlighted in the latest privacy policy that some information will be shared with these third parties:

Upcoming features and services involving third-party and ad-supported content will require Plex to collect and, in some cases, share information about the third-party content you are streaming. For clarity, third-party content is content that we deliver or stream to you that is not contained in your personal media library.

Plex also goes into some detail about a change it has made to statistics collection. No longer will users have the option to opt out of the data collection, noting that Plex does not share or sell the data outside the company. Perhaps more important for some users, the service does not collect data around the libraries, file names or any content-specific data on your privately hosted servers.

If you’re a Plex user and have concern about your privacy, head to the Plex website and have a read of the full privacy policy to ensure you’re happy.

Do privacy policy changes cause you concern when third parties are involved, or do you simply accept them as life on the Internet?

Source: Plex Policy Update.