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PSA: Plex tells users to reset passwords following a data breach

It seems we're getting hit with data breaches far too regularly these days, but when it potentially affects home hardware, that's important. Plex sent emails out late yesterday afternoon to its userbase notifying users...

[Good Deal] Plex lifetime pass is down to US$89.99

We've covered a lot about Plex in the past and a number of our team actively use the service. It's a great way to access your personal media storage from anywhere with minimal...

Plex now features retro game streaming for US$4.99 per month

If you're looking for a new way to use your existing setups to broaden your entertainment options, then Plex may have just delivered it. In a recent blog post the company announced that...

[Good Deal] Plex Pass lifetime subscription is US$88 until 11 pm tonight

Plex is a very popular option for streaming media, particularly for users who've amassed significant digital media collections. While the free Plex account options provide a lot of users what they want, the...

Plex no longer requires an account to access free streaming media

With perfect timing, Plex dropped the ability to stream free -- ad-supported -- media to their users. The catch was that you had to have an account, but not the paid Plex Pass to...

Plex enables Watch Together to help users be together while apart

COVID-19 has kinda sucked for a lot of people, the impact has been enormous for so many people. Economic, emotional and family impact -- our thoughts go out to those who've lost loved...

Plex improves again, adding in new Plexamp features and a more powerful Admin app

Plex is one of the better-known media management options available. Setting up Plex gives great rewards but the pathway is painful. Having recently set up a new Plex server following hardware failure, the server...

Struggling for control over the TV during lockdown? There are solutions

We're facing a fairly significant period of time where our families will be at home. For many families, this will result in the eternal struggle of what to watch and who controls the telly....

Plex now offers thousands of ad-supported streaming titles

Plex is a platform that many users are well invested in, you can house your data on your own network and access it remotely. They had a brief venture into cloud storage, but that...

Plex goes all in with desktop platforms while killing home theatre setups

Plex continues to develop and it continues to be a brilliant platform for users who have a significant media library they still use despite the streaming possibilities available. The new Plex desktop app...

Plex for Android update brings a new UI and features

I use Plex for Android on a daily basis, and I know a lot of users who do similar (Hi Chris!). There have been continual updates over the last 12 months or so, but...

Plex has some new offerings and updates

Plex is one of the biggest platforms for users to centrally store and distribute their own media library around their network and personal devices. Over the last month or so they've brought forward...

Plex for Android Auto is here… nearly

Plex is one of the biggest, well known media storage and streaming platforms around offering the capability to store your media (photos, videos, music) in a central or cloud based location and stream to...

Plex CEO responds to privacy concerns in the wake of policy change

A few days ago we noted that the privacy policy at Plex had changed, with the potential for some data to be shared with third parties. Understandably some users were quite concerned by...

Plex privacy update highlights potential for data sharing to third parties

Plex is a hugely popular third party media distribution platform that allows you to send your own storied media to your devices as well as share with your friends and family through account shares....

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