We’ve covered a lot about Plex in the past and a number of our team actively use the service. It’s a great way to access your personal media storage from anywhere with minimal need for firewall changes. The only downside (like so many good services) is that it’s a subscription-based service.

While you can use a lot of features without the subscription, you get a lot of bonus features such as:

  • The ability to download your media to your device which is ideal for travelling
  • TV and DVR Functionality when coupled with devices like the HDHomeRun Connect and a Synology NAS
  • A customised music — Plexamp — to access your personal audio
  • The ability to skip intros on your streaming media which is a great time saver

If you’ve been thinking about a Plex Lifetime Pass, now may well be the time. To claim the discount, use the code “SEEYA2021” at checkout until December 22nd.

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I got mine for AUD69.02 using this now expired offer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/666383


So it’s approx AUD$119.99 after conversion.

Heard they might be winding up in 2 years