If you’re wanting to get started streaming whether it’s games, podcasting or even producing YouTube content you need the right gear. It’s not just the PC to do the job, but peripherals are important too and HyperX has come to the party with a streamers startup set.

The HyperX Streamer Starter Pack costs $179 at JB Hi-Fi and includes the SoloCast USB microphone and Cloud Core Headset. Both are devices that support Plug and Play compatibility across multiple platforms.

The desktop mic will bring clarity to your voice input that most headsets aren’t yet capable of. This will of course benefit streams, in-game chats or calls you’re making from your PC. A feature of the mic that is easy to use is the tap to mute, making it visually clear when you’re mic is open or muted.

The headset is designed for gamers with features such as positional audio to give you an edge during online play. They’re comfortably padded and have an aluminium frame for durability. To keep up with the current needs of gaming, Cloud Core headsets are certified for both TeamSpeak and Discord.

It’s a great time to pick up some bargains heading into Christmas. What electronic goodies are looking for?

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There’s one critical thing for streaming that this HyperX pack is missing. Lighting.
Having a good mic and headphones for streaming is not worth much when your face is dark, because you forgot to invest in lighting for streaming.


Considering how important WFH and video meetings still are (bugger off omicron, we really don’t want you), adding in an LED ring light or light bar, to the set, would widen the customer base a lot.