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Review: HyperX Cloud III Wired Gaming Headphones

Step into the extraordinary realm of gaming audio with HyperX's heralded Cloud Series headset – a symphony of accolades and precision-crafted for the ultimate gaming experience. Behold a harmonious fusion of immersive soundscapes, ergonomic...

Review: HyperX Cirro Buds Pro

Since Apple released AirPods in 2016, true wireless Bluetooth headphones have gradually gained popularity. The original most criticised problem of connection latency has also been significantly improved by the update of the Bluetooth standard....

Review: HyperX Cloud MIX Buds

It's rapidly approaching 20 years since SteelSeries announced the world’s first gaming headset back in 2005. As things moved on, we started to see wireless gaming earbuds on the market. We know that gamers...

Introducing HyperX’s Clutch Gladiate™ gaming controller and Pulsefire Haste 2™ gaming mouse

At CES 2023, HyperX, an HP team focusing on gaming peripherals announced their latest gaming controller and gaming mouse - the Clutch Gladiate and next-gen Pulsefire Haste 2. HyperX claims they are very confident in...

Cloud MIX Buds, a true wireless gaming earbuds from HyperX

There are many wireless gaming earphones for gamers to choose from. The one we are going to introduce today is a true wireless gaming earphone released by HyperX earlier in June - the HyperX...

Weekend Warrior: HyperX at PAX

If you're in Melbourne this weekend and don't live there, it's a chance you're there for PAX. For those unaware, it's a show that celebrates pretty much all things gaming. It's there that HyperX...

Weekend Warrior: Grab a deal on HyperX hardware to celebrate the company’s 20th Birthday

It's not often you get presents on someone else's birthday but that's what HyperX is doing to celebrate 20 years in business. The specials are running with partners JB Hi-Fi and Amazon to offer...

HyperX Clutch Review: A reliable wireless gaming controller for Android and PC

Earlier this year at CES 2022, HyperX launched its first-ever gaming controller for Android, the HyperX Clutch. The controller is designed to be used with an Android device and Windows PC. In this review,...

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless: A gaming headset with an unreal battery life

I am not too sure how you would define a wireless gaming headset for having a long battery life, but my definition just gets knocked down by the latest gaming headset from HyperX. In...

Weekend Warrior: HyperX release new peripherals to improve your gaming experience

HyperX is one of the quiet achievers in the market for PC peripherals, offering headsets, keyboards, mice and more. The new hardware release has taken a step forward and shown a strong hand. The HyperX...

Weekend Warrior: HyperX bargains in the final hours of loot drop

HyperX is an established and growing name in the gaming peripherals market. Its range covers everything from mice and keyboards through to headsets, microphones and even storage. In a sale it has called Loot Drop,...

Weekend Warrior: HyperX launches the Cloud Core Wireless Gaming Headset

HyperX is a name that delivers consistent quality gaming hardware at a very reasonable cost. This week they've launched the Cloud Core Wireless gaming headset in Australia and New Zealand. The new addition to...

HyperX delivers wireless gaming gear at CES

CES has kicked off and -- as expected -- there's a flood of announcements across the consumer electronics space. Gaming peripherals manufacturer HyperX has recognised a growing want for wireless and delivered a...

Weekend Warrior: HyperX has a simple setup for streaming starters

If you're wanting to get started streaming whether it's games, podcasting or even producing YouTube content you need the right gear. It's not just the PC to do the job, but peripherals are...

Black Friday specials you might not have seen

Each year we get bombarded with Black Friday sales and with the volume, often disregard them. To help ensure you get the best out of Black Friday we've assembled a list of just...

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