I am not too sure how you would define a wireless gaming headset for having a long battery life, but my definition just gets knocked down by the latest gaming headset from HyperX. In the past, it would have me astonished when someone tells me that a wireless gaming headset can last for over 80 hours of battery life on a single charge but HyperX has pushed that perception to a new limit.

A milestone for Wireless Gaming Headsets

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is the first wireless gaming headset to offer up to 300 hours of battery life of ongoing use on a single charge. This means we officially entered a new era, and from now on, people may be asking “How many months has your headset lasted with a full battery” instead of using weeks or days as the measuring unit.


This wireless headset inherits a design from the original corded version – the integrated retractable headband with an aluminium frame gives it a recognizable design as a member of the HyperX Cloud product line. It brings an improved sound quality driven by a new and custom-designed Dual Chamber Technology with 50mm drivers, aiming to deliver a distinction among the low, mid and high frequencies. Software-wise, it packs DTS Headphone: X technology, ensuring a realistic sound and accurate localization which often are critical factors to victory for Esports gamers.


Cloud Alpha Wireless ships with a noise-cancelling — Discord and Teamspeak certified — mic to ensure clear communication with your team members. If you’re playing a solo game, the mics are detachable making the headset more comfortable for users. To connect through the USB dongle, this headset utilises 2.4GHz wireless bandwidth and maximising — up to 20 meters — the distance between the headset and PC.

Now we have an impressively crazy battery life; a premium sound quality; reliable team communication; a durable design; and a low-latency wireless connection. But, wait, there’s more on offer with NGENUITY. A versatile toolbox developed by HyperX is available on PC to check battery life, tune the equalizer, and access more customization options for not just this headset, but all HyperX hardware.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless gaming headset is available in Australia for AU$229 through the usual retail channels