Plex is one of the biggest, well known media storage and streaming platforms around offering the capability to store your media (photos, videos, music) in a central or cloud based location and stream to any of your devices. In the next few days they’re taking the leap into Android Auto for music playback (Video has not been mentioned for clear safety reasons with driver distraction) which may just win them a stronger market share.

It’s a big step for Plex to take since they’re delving deep into the realm of Spotify and Play Music, but for users who have a well organised catalogue of music and perhaps no streaming account this could be the step that solidifies Plex in their daily life.

As the screenshots show, Plex have done a great job of ensuring that the on screen controls are simple and intuitive to use without unduly taking your attention from the road. If you’re yet to get an Android Auto head unit for your car, you can try it out on your phone or tablet to get a feel for how this will all pull together and test out the simple voice controls.

Play my ‘If you cut me off I’m going to blast this horn‘ playlist on Plex
Play ‘Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley‘ on Plex
Play ‘Life is a Highway by Tom Cochran‘ on Plex

As a regular user of Plex, this will definitely get a run on my car mounted devices.

What functions will Plex need to include for you to be drawn away from your streaming accounts?

Source: Plex Blog.
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They’re just using the standard controls that Google allows apps to use.
Apps on AA aren’t allowed to have custom user interfaces. No effort required there.


I noticed it today when I got in my car that it was in the list.
I have never used plex for my music of photos (have relied on Google for that) but i might give them a try