It seems we’re getting hit with data breaches far too regularly these days, but when it potentially affects home hardware, that’s important. Plex sent emails out late yesterday afternoon to its userbase notifying users of a data breach and requesting password resets commence.

The short story is that some of their IT boffins noticed some odd activity, investigated and found a third party accessed data. This data includes email addresses, usernames and passwords used to access the Plex service. The fault that allowed this access has already been resolved, but it’s still important to reset passwords.

Long story short, we kindly request that you reset your Plex account password immediately. When doing so, there’s a checkbox to “Sign out connected devices after password change.” This will additionally sign out all of your devices (including any Plex Media Server you own) and require you to sign back in with your new password.

It’s important to note, though, that if you use the same email/username and password combination elsewhere, that too is now compromised. So take the time now to change your Plex password and any other accounts you may share that login and password combination with.

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What does this mean for people who use their Google account as log in though…..