Plex is a platform that many users are well invested in, you can house your data on your own network and access it remotely. They had a brief venture into cloud storage, but that was not adopted widely be users.

It is expected that the newly added, globally available Video on Demand feature will be heavily utilised though.

No hardware, no subscription. Just sign up for a free Plex account and thousands of titles are yours to watch, with minimal ads shown, and organized by easy to navigate categories, including Kids & Family, Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Anime, and more.

It really is free!

The content is 100% free as it’s ad supported and offered by a broad range of studios, so you’ll find content to interest most users.

Our goal is to bring this great content from big studios and independent producers from around the globe to you for free. In exchange, we’re asking for a bit of your time to watch some ads. We think it’s a fair deal, but of course, you’ll be the judge.

Besides—you gotta go to the bathroom sometime, right?

It’s worth noting that in the announcement blog, that Plex specifically state that they will not be putting adverts in personally stored content.

With a promise of more to come, it seems Plex have recognised that the streaming phenomenon is growing and are doing their best to ride the train.

Source: Plex Blog.